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The world was turning dark, and then beeg.c black, and then edging towards beeg com. an utter void, which was blindness. A giant unseen hand clutched my body, meaning to whisk me away to wherever the hand's owner existed. I thought drowsily -"How huge must this creature be. What does it want with us?" I was reminded of free beeg myself as a child, holding a grasshopper in my hand and feeling like an awesome giant since I had the power of life or death over another creature. beeg ass This time I knew the other side to that coin. I called out, "Where, might I ask, do you plan to take us?" Silence was my answer. (To beeg moms wherever this Being wishes, of course. Control has passed from the human to the Other.) I heard a passerby raise alarm upon seeing our two bodies lying prone on the street, but in my delirium his voice seemed to echo and then fade... "AR ARE YEWWW OH KAYY MISSS TERR?" 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I looked below me and saw a familiar form darting up from beeg. the distant Earth, desperately soaring at beegporn light speed to catch up. I knew that he would come with me. I smiled and extended my hand, which he grasped, and we traveled upward together, into the cosmos, mom beeg whispering and laughing once more. Chapter 5: A Cruel Revival At the edge of Eternity, we cuddled. "Did they hurt you, Eddie?" I asked. "They killed me Karl. I know that. Strange I www beeg com am still talking to you." "Do you believe in God?" "No, I do not." "Neither do I. I don't beeh know where we are, or where xnxx beeg we are going, but I'm going with you," I said warmly. I touched his lips. He said, "Follow me, Karl. Wherever I go. I am afraid." He beckoned me with teen beeg an outstretched hand. "Wherever you go, I will follow." I said, reaching for his hand. All the nerves in my body tingled. My neck hurt. The message in my mind was Still Alive! 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There I saw the love he had for me, the love that would wait for me until I beeg lesbian finished my time on Earth. "I will see you again, my love," I told him. Eddie smiled bravely. "Yes, beegxxx I know." Knowing he would not speak to me again for my lifetime, he paused, summoning his thoughts, www beeg then spoke in a deep, mature voice that I had never heard him use before, "Be happy while you live, but do beeg com not fear death. I beeg x will be waiting for you, Karl." He took my hand to his lips and kissed it. ...fini... This porno beeg story is inspired by the many authors of TG fiction out there that I beeg mature have read, I hope you like it. This story contains beeg moms an Adult Content and has scenes of Forced Feminization/Humiliation, so if you are under 21 or teen beeg are offended go and watch Barney or something. Eddie's Change By Serena Lawhead Chapter 1 : A change for beeg come the better "Dammit Eddie, will you get off your back side and do some work beeg sex around here" shouted Suzi, Eddie's wife of nearly 5 years. Eddie looked up from his place on the sofa "OK OK jeez you don't have to yell at me like begg that." "Well what the hell do you expect me to do, you lounge around the house all day doing nothing, while I work my butt off at work to feed us both and then I have to come home and do the work here too!" "Hey, it's not my job to clean the house babe, your the girl not me." By this point Suzi was positively seething with anger. Eddie was 25 with a skin head and had been out of work for nearly a beegcom year, and he had done nothing but lounge around and beeg mp4 spend her money. Just last week he had spent a large amount of Suzi's savings on a computer just so he could spend hours on the Internet looking at the adult web sites. The next day at work, Suzi started to think about the problem, what could she do beeg.c to make beeg ass him help out. She had already threatened to walk out on him.... Twice and that had not beegporn worked and she could not beeg videos bring herself to throw him out on the street so she decided to think it over while pretending that everything was allright with Eddie. When Suzi apologized to Eddie he suspected nothing and resumed his casual loafing and slobbing. That night Suzi started watching a program on TV beeg porche about women who forcibly feminize their husbands. About 10 minutes into the program Eddie came in and settled down next to her and reached for the remote control. "Don't you dare touch that remote Eddie, I am watching this program." "Hmph, how could any man let that happen to beeg hairy himself, They must have been real sissies to let that happen to themselves." But while Eddie was ranting on with his beeg com. macho crap, Suzi noticed xxxbeeg Eddie's growing erection. The following day Suzi started thinking about Eddie's begg reaction the previous night. So, he won't do beeg porno any work because he is a man. Well maybe it is time he had a change for the better. That following night when beeg free Eddie was down the pub getting drunk, Suzi logged onto the Internet and started looking for ideas on how to carry out her plan. She looked at various sites of dominant women who used a variety of techniques from Humiliation to beeg.coom C.P. but nothing sounded beeg sexxn right. An hour into her web surfing she came across an advert MISTRESS JESSICA'S HOUSE OF FEMINIZATION Having trouble with a runaway son? Do wwwbeeg you have a runaway son, always in trouble? All methods of feminization catered for. Ask for Mistress Jessica on 0171-324-244 for a free consultation. That looks interesting I will phone her tomorrow, Suzi thought to herself. 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"It's my pig of a beeg beeg husband, he has done nothing but beeg com lounge around and spend all my hard earned beegs money for close to a year now. he constantly puts women down and I have had enough of his chauvinistic behavior and attitude." Suzi beeg porn videos replied. "Yes I am familiar with your beegcom problem and I have a well tested solution." "How can I be sure it will work though?" "Did you see my salesgirl beeg xxx Melissa porno beeg downstairs?" "Yeah, a bit flouncy and feminine though!" "That was my husband Mark until 5 years ago, now she is my submissive sissy slave and subservient to all true females." Suzi let out a slow whistle. "I never would have guessed, what did you do to her?" "I'll xxx beeg do better than that, I will let Melissa tell you." Jessica beeg milf walked over to an intercom by beeg hindi the door, "Melissa www.beeg.com close the beeg.com shop site beeg.com beeg and come up here." 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Once she found out, Mistress Jessica decided to feminize me to teach me a lesson. beeg.con So she spent a month studying hypnosis and finding out about certain chemicals that can induce a sleep-like state that that makes the mind highly beeg porn videos susceptible to subliminal messages. One night when I had gotten in late, I told her that I had been working late at beeg. com work. When she made me a drink she put some of the chemicals in my drink. I soon began to get sleepy and went up to beeg.com/ bed, Mistress Jessica placed a pair of headphones connected to a tape player on my head and played a tape she had recorded with instructions on that would beeg xx impress a new persona onto me. When I wwwbeeg awoke I was Melissa, and I have beeg.com/ been Melissa ever since." Jessica continued, "However there beeg. are some things I did not bee program into her, such as a liking for sucking cock and her flirtatious behavior beegs towards men. Mark beeg indian still does not believe me when I tell him this though." Jessica turned back to Mark "End The ShowMark" Immediately a change came over Mark, and he was no longer Mark but Melissa. "Melissa, go down stairs and re-open the shop then resume beeg indian your duties" "Yes Mistress" replied Melissa and she swayed out of the room and down the stairs. Suzi beeg x started to smile in a truly wicked way, "Well I'm convinced, lets work out site beeg.com beeg the details and the price" The beegxxx following Saturday Suzi started shopping for a new wardrobe, normally Suzi wore fairly feminine items in flowery prints made of silk and lace. When she returned home, she noticed that Eddie was out. Probably getting drunk she thought to herself. Suzi went up beeg xx to their room and unpacked several leather business suits that she had bought. Over the next four days Eddie started to notice the beeg teen changes in the way his wife was dressing and acting. The fifth day after she started working on her plan Eddie was waiting for her to come in from work and he was drunk, when Suzi walked in he lurched up to her "Hey babe, why'd you start dressing like that. You know I don't like it when you beeg xvideos don't dress feminine like a woman should" he slurred. This really got Suzi irate and she gave sex beeg him a slap and beeg tube he collapsed in a heap on the floor, she went beeg 4k to beeg. bed locking the bedroom door behind her. The following day, she made a show of being sorry about what she had done and gave him some money for a trip to London. Eddie seeing nothing wrong with this happily took the money and left for London. As soon as Eddie left, Jessica came round and they started preparations, Suzi made some phone calls from beeg.coom work and had all her husbands cards for their joint accounts cancelled and Mistress Jessica used her contacts to have all other avenues of financial support cut off. Once this was done they set about re-decorating the guest bedroom in feminine pinks and pastels, with lacy and outrageously feminine decorations. When Eddie returned home, https //beeg.com Suzi greeted him with smiles beeg teen and hugs. "Why don't you settle down while I get you .beeg a drink." "Sure babe, it's been a tiring day. You know I didn't think I could get round that many hookers with the amount that you gave me!" Suzi gave him a dark scowl and beeg.con stormed off to the kitchen where Jessica was waiting. "I can't believe the nerve of that guy, boasting about how many hookers he made it with. Is the formula ready yet?" "Ready to beeg black go, now comes the fun part!" Jessica grinned. Suzi returned to the lounge and gave Eddie his doctored drink, beeg massage "Here you go sweet heart, drink up" Eddie was so thirsty he did not notice the slight discolor to the lemonade Suzi had given him and finished it in one beeg/ go. Suddenly Eddie began to beeg vids beeq.com get dizzy and began to sway a little, "What's happening, why am I so sleeeeeepppppyyyy....." and Eddie collapsed. Jessica beeg. com entered the room, and together they carried Eddie up to the guest room and placed him in beeg xnxx the bed with it's new pink satin covers, sheets and pillows. Suzi pulled out the new pink stereo she had bought and plugged it in and attached a pair of headphones to xxx beeg it and placed them in Eddie's ears, inserted a tape and pressed play. "Lets leave our beeg 18 little sissy to sleep and wake her in the morning." Suzi said. Jessica turned to Suzi and spoke "You know there are things I could still teach you that he could not", Jessica took Suzi's beeg coom hand and pulled her towards her room. In Eddie's room the began to play Suzi's recording. "When I count to 50 you will enter a deep deep sleep and you will hear only my voice" When the voice reached 50 the instructions began"You are subservient to all real women especially me whom you will now address as Mistress Suzanne and Mistress Jessica. The following instructions will only take effect when I or Mistress Jessica say Sissy's Home, you will return to your male self when we say beeg coom Eddie's Back and you will re-enter this hypnotic state when we beeg porn say Sleep Sissy. You are no longer Eddie Cole, you are no longer male. Your name is now Edele, a submissive sissy slave. You find women's clothes an exceptional beeg sexxn turn-on and you would never dream of being without your make-up, you love to dress and bee look like a beeg.coom woman and to flirt with men you will lead them on only to dump them for someone беег else. The feel of Satin and Silk arouses you, you are especially turned on by extremely feminine clothes and uniforms that show off your submissive nature. At all times Edele will have full access to beegxxx eddie's memories. but no matter how aroused you get you cannot cum until I or mistress Jessica say you can. The instructions repeated another 3 times then continued "When I count down to 1 from https //beeg.com 50 you will return to normal sleep." When the voice reached 1 Eddie, now Edele entered a normal state of sleep. When Eddie woke in the morning he blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes, beeg.com not quite sure if he was seeing things correctly. He could have sworn he was in an extremely feminine room, he looked again and saw that he was. He climbed out of bed and went into his and Suzi's room to find some clothes to wear and found all his clothes had gone. "What the hell has that bitch done with my clothes, when she come home there is going to be hell to pay." Eddie said to himself. Eddie went beeg mom downstairs in one of his Suzi's beeg anal dressing gowns as his was gone, and pulled out a catalogue. So she thinks she can get away with beeg/ throwing out my clothes does she, I'll just get some new ones. Eddie picked up www.beeg the phone and called the order line, "Hi I'd like to beeg xvideos beag.com order some b eeg clothes but I need them today if possible, my wife beeg vids chucked all of mine away." A male beeg gesetz voice on the other end replied "Tough break, first I will need your credit card details for payment." Eddie read out his credit card details, "I'm sorry sir, but your card is no longer valid" "Shit, the bitch must have cancelled my cards." With that Eddie hung up. What the fuck am I going to do now, Eddie thought. Just then Suzi walked in behind him, "Having trouble beegs dear?" Suzi asked with a beeg.com/ patronizing tone in her voice. "What the Fuck have you...." Then Suzi interrupted Eddie "Sissy's Home" Immediately Eddie's personality shifted and his voice became soft and feminine, Edele had taken over Eddie's body. "Mistress why am I beeg xxx dressed in these horrible clothes and, Ugh I have no makeup on and my legs and arms are horrible and hairy!" Edele had a truly shocked look on her face. "Never mind that, get up stairs and have a bath and shave your beeg..com body immediately!" Suzi snapped. "Of course Mistress Suzanne." With that Edele rushed upstairs and ran herself a bath using scented bubble bath. Within Edele, beeq.com Eddie tried beeg . desperately to exert some control over his body but could not do a thing to stop the inevitable. Edele slowly covered her legs porno beeg with shaving foam and slowly drew a beeg sex razor across, Eddie watched in horror as his body hair was slowly stripped away from his body and his face was clean shaven. Next Edele beeg carefully applied moisturizing cream. Climbing out of the bath sex beeg Edele patted her body dry. Suzi called to Edele from the guest room, "Edele come in here when you are done in the bathroom" "Yes mistress" Edele responded as she started to spray perfume on herself. Edele entered her new room, "Now isn't that better Edele?" "Yes Mistress, I www beeg.com feel much better now." "Edele beeg video the bags on the beeg hot bed are for you, open them and put the clothes on." Suzi ordered. When Eddie inside Edele saw what was in the bag he tried with all his will to stop what he knew was to come. Out mom beeg of the first beeg porno bag, Edele beeg coom pulled beeg tubes www.beeg out a white satin Waist Clincher and proceeded to put it on. "Mistress, could you please lace beeg com me into my Waist Clincher?" "Of course dear, you do realize you must ware this until your waist is trained" Suzi replied and pulled the laces on the back of it beeeg tight, knocking the wind out of Edele. "Yes Mistress" Edele replied. www.beeg..com Edele's waist www beeg.com was reduced beeg sex video from 36" to 28", a full 8" off his waist. The next bag beegxx yielded a pair of silicone breast forms, Bra and a pantie girdle that had hip and bottom pads. Carefully spraying the adhesive on the breast forms Edele pressed them to her flat chest and beeg lesbian put on the Bra. The pantie girdle came next, she carefully pulled it up her legs and tucked her male genitalia inside and out of beeg porche sight. The second to last bag contained a 16" pink satin beeg hindi mini skirt with flowery beeg tubes patterns, a silver silk blouse and a pair of white sheer beeg hold-up stockings. Edele slowly pulled the stockings up one beeg sexxx leg then the other, savoring the free porn beeg silky feelings of the stockings. She then pulled up the mini-skirt and put on the blouse. In the last beeg hairy bag were a pair of white patent leather beeg sex video pumps with a 3" heel, Edele squealed in pleasure at the sight of these and immediately put them on her feet. "Thank you mistress, these gifts are perfect!" Edele jumped forward and embraced Suzi beeg porno in a beeg hindi hug. "Enough of beeg 4k that, we still have work left to do!" Suzi snapped, but secretly enjoying the hold she had over her husband. "Of course mistress I still have to fix my face up, but I don't have beeg free any makeup" Edele said unhappily. "You www.beeg.com can use mine until you have some of your own." Suzi replied. "Thank you for transforming me from my male self mistress" Edele replied and moved into Suzi's room. In the back of Edele's beeg mom mind Eddie was cringing milf beeg in humiliation at what he was being made to go through. What .beeg have I beeg mature done beeg poto to deserve this beeg anal Eddie was thinking to himself, still not aware beeg.c of the way he acted beeg vids towards his wife. Edele sat down and began pluck her eyebrows into a thin feminine arch and then began to apply makeup to her face, luckily Eddie had very fair beard growth which was covered with foundation easily. Once the layer of foundation had been completed Edele applied a soft pink lipstick and a similar shade of nail polish. It was all crowned with the addition of a long, slightly curly hd beeg auburn wig In the end Edele looked about 5 years younger and totally feminine. "You look beautiful my dear" Suzi said, then added "Eddie's Back Immediately Eddie took control of his beeeg body once more and stumbled in his heels. "You bitch, I'll kill you" Eddie lunged for Suzi, beeg movies "On your knees sissy" Suzi ordered. Eddie, unable to control himself collapsed to indian beeg his knees in front of Suzi. "What have you.." Suzi interrupted "SILENCE!", Eddie found himself unable to resist the command and fell silent. "You ask how and why I did this? How I did it is with hypnosis and subliminal programming. As to why I did it, I got fed up with you, always longing around and spending my hard earned money on worthless crap. Well apart from the computer which was instrumental in finding a way to punish beeg hd you!" Suzi continued "And finally I am fed beeg 18 up with your sexist attitude! You may now talk, but insult me again and you will be sorry." "Please give me a second chance, I will change I promise!" Eddie pleaded. "You know you look quite cute pleading on your knees while dressed like a sissy! You cannot have a second chance, and yes you will change whether you like it or not!" "But please!" "Enough, we are going shopping!" beegxx Suzi ordered. "But I can't go out like this, not dressed like a ....." once more Suzi interrupted him "Sissy's Home" Once again Edele was kneeling before Suzi. Chapter 2 : A trip to the shops. Suzi decided to take Edele into the city hd beeg on the train as that had the most potential for humiliating her sissified husband. Sitting in front of Suzi and xxxbeeg Edele on the train were a couple of rough looking men who were looking Edele up and down, and Edele in turn was loving the attention and Suzi suggested that Edele should flirt with them. Suzi spotted a ripe opportunity for humiliation as one of the men started to stroke Edele's beeg mp4 nilon covered thigh, Edele moved over to beeg jepang sit on the lap of the man who was stroking her thigh beeg-com and started to www beeg fondle his balls. At that beeg x moment Suzi leaned www.beeg com over to Edele and whispered in her ear Eddie's Back. Just as Eddie's personality was shifting back the man took Eddie in a passionate embrace and gave him a long wet kiss (with tongues) which Eddie could only return beag.com with great reluctance. "Come on Edele, that's enough of that we have beeg . shopping to do!" Suzi ordered. "Yes Mistress" Eddie beeg porn videos mumbled with embarrassment so that the men would not notice that he was not a girl. When Eddie stumbled tube beeg off the train he muttered to Suzi, "That was a rotten free beeg trick to pull Suzi" With that beeg hot Eddie got a sharp slap round the face, "You anal beeg will address me as Mistress or Mistress Suzanne Sissy, or do you want me to impose Edele on you?" "No mistress anything but that, she is so feminine and embarrassing!" Eddie said desperately. Suzi smiled at that and whispered in his ear "Sissy's Home" "Come along Edele, keep up" Suzi commanded Suzi lead Edele into the town centre where all the major shops were. They went into a shop that had fashions for younger people. Once in there Edele seemed to come alive with enthusiasm, She picked out one long black satin skirt with a beeg lesbian flowery design on it and a plain pink satin mini skirt. Next Edele picked out www beeg com two scoop free beeg necked satin blouses, one in black and the other in fuchsia. Finally she picked out a long pink satin dress that looked as if it were intended for a anal beeg prom and a pair of matching high heeled sandals. Perfect thought Suzi, I could not have come up with a better selection myself, they are all extremely feminine and will embarrass Eddie immensely! "Come along Edele, lets get you beeg jepang to a changing xxx beeg room to try porn beeg on your selections" Suzi ordered. When at indian beeg the changing room Suzi on